Black Voter Turnout in Alabama Could Erode High Margins for GOP

— -- Will the Heart of Dixie beat for Sen. John McCain or Sen. Barack Obama on November 4?

Though Obama counted Alabama among his Super Tuesday victories over Sen. Hillary Clinton, bets are on McCain to win the state's nine electoral votes: ABC News counts the state as solidly Republican territory.

Still the McCain campaign isn't without concerns on the ground. Obama's candidacy could increase voter turnout among African-Americans who make up more than a quarter of the state's population. Their presence at the polls threatens to erode the high margins that Republican candidates have previously enjoyed in Alabama.

In the last ten presidential elections, Alabama has taken the Republican route eight times -- moving to the blue only once in that time period for Jimmy Carter in 1976 and marching to an independent drum in 1968 when it voted for Indy presidential candidate George Wallace over Republican Richard Nixon or Democrat Hubert Humphrey.

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