Palin, Biden Head to St. Louis for 2008's One-and-Only Vice Presidential Debate

— -- Heading into tonight's vice presidential showdown in St. Louis, an ABC News/Washington Post poll released today reveals the Sarah Palin boom has all but busted.

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In his analysis, ABC News' Polling Director Gary Langer writes, "Skepticism about Sarah Palin has soared since she entered the national political stage, with six in 10 Americans now doubting her qualifications for office and fewer than half convinced of her grasp of complex issues."

Rick Klein, author of 'The Note', calls tonight's match-up "a face-off of a peculiar sort". (Rick will be live-blogging tonight throughout the debate.)

All the while debate swirls around the vice presidential debate moderator PBS' Gwen Ifil who is writing a book slated to be released early next year about the new generation of black leaders, entitled "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race In The Age of Obama".

Ifil told the Associated Press in an interview yesterday that she hasn't yet written the chapter on Obama.