Hillary Clinton Unplugged: The Secretary of State's 'Human Moments'

Clinton has won over the public with her more lighthearted moments.

October 26, 2012, 8:54 AM

Oct. 26, 2012 -- intro: Today, we celebrate Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 65th birthday. Clinton faced many critics as first lady and a presidential candidate in 2008, but she seems to have hit her stride as secretary of state. Diplomatic successes aside, Clinton has won the international crowds over with her more lighthearted moments. Whether she's abroad or at home, Hillary shines when she lets her guard down. See some of her best unscripted moments here.

See Hillary from her early years to the present, as U.S. secretary of state HERE

quicklist:1title: Hillary Gets Maternaltext:Hillary Clinton let down her guard speaking about her experience being the first female partner at a law firm -- the first pregnant, female partner at the law firm.

In her speech given at an event kicking off the State Department's 2012 National Work-Life and Family Month, Clinton discussed the importance of balancing work and family as a personal decision. She shared her own account of balancing the jobs of being a mother, wife and lawyer.

"Many years ago when I was pregnant, I was in a law firm. I was the only female partner and they never had a female partner and certainly not a pregnant female partner and they literally just were not sure what to do with me," Clinton said.

"I would walk down the corridor getting more and more pregnant and the men in the firm would, like, look away, never say a word, and I just kind of thought I am just going to wait to see if anyone says anything to me about the fact that I am going to have a baby. So, nobody ever did."

Clinton added that the birth of her daughter Chelsea lead to the creation of the firm's first ever maternity leave policy.


quicklist: 1title: Hillary Breaks It Downtext: Clinton takes a break from official business in Johannesburg, South Africa, to boogie with the locals.media: 16956673

quicklist: 2title: Cool in Cow Printtext: Hillary, who seems to have become a dancing queen in Africa, dressed up in local garb and tried out some dance moves in Malawi in August.media: 16941888

quicklist: 3title: Frog in Your Throat?text: A coughing fit got the best of Hillary in Hanoi, Vietnam, but Clinton didn't let it derail her. She wrapped her speech up by quipping, "At the risk of coughing any longer, I just want to say thank you, and let's get to work."media: 16746877

quicklist: 4title: 'C' in MC Hammer Is for Clintontext: While swearing in Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Hammer, Clinton livened up the ceremony by donning wing-tipped glasses and Mardi Gras beads, even poking fun at herself by lamenting that she had pantsuits "in nearly every color, except purple."media: 16622419

quicklist: 5title: Hillary Breaks Her Poker Facetext: During the 2011 APEC conference, Clinton broke her pose for an official photo when a naked torch runner cut into the shot.media: 14981056

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