Newt Gingrich Might Say More About his Exit, Paul Ryan Speaks at Georgetown, Plus More to Watch for Thursday in Politics

— -- Newt Gingrich will officially suspend his bid for the presidency Tuesday in Washington, D.C., but he still has Thursday "campaign" events scheduled in North Carolina. It will be interesting to see if he provides more details about his decision to exit the race and whether he spins his stump speech into a pro-Romney speech — if the events stay on his calendar.

Mitt Romney, who picked up Rick Perry's endorsement on Wednesday, will continue fundraising in New York. He will start the day with a breakfast reception in Manhattan that is expected to attract around 1,000 donors.

Ron Paul, meanwhile, has a town hall meeting at the University of Texas in Austin. The event is organized by Youth for Ron Paul.

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan will give a major policy speech titled "America's Enduring Promise" that frames his vision for the future of the federal budget. He might get a less than friendly reception. Some 90 faculty members and administrators have signed a letter accusing Ryan of misrepresenting Catholic Church doctrine to defend his proposed budget cuts. Students, faculty and staff members, along with faith-based groups such as Catholics United, are expected to protest after Ryan speaks.

Vice President Joe Biden will speak at New York University on President Barack Obama's foreign policy. He is expected to contrast the administration's record with what the Obama campaign calls Romney's "empty rhetoric."

And then there is this: First lady Michelle Obama meets children of Executive Office employees at the White House's annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. She will take questions from the audience.

And this: Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young will be back on the stand Thursday in Edwards' trial.

Sources: Yahoo! News reporters Chris Moody and Laura E. Davis, Associated Press.

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