Obama lunches with congressional leaders, Romney campaigns in Florida, plus more to watch for Wednesday in politics

— -- President Barack Obama is focusing Wednesday on efforts to get Congress to act on his "To Do List," which he says would aid the economic recovery. He holds a roundtable discussion with small business owners, and then he has lunch with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to discuss the importance of acting on his list.

House Speaker John Boehner might decide to add to the lunchtime chit chat by stressing the importance of more spending cuts. He said on Tuesday that's the only way to avoid another debt-ceiling fight.

Mitt Romney will be in St. Petersburg, Fla., talking about the economy, and he'll stay in Florida, a battleground state in the general election, for the next two days for more stumping and some fundraising.

Vice President Joe Biden campaigns in Ohio, another battleground state. His topic: the Obama administration's efforts to strengthen the region's manufacturing and auto industries, as well as bolster middle-class security for the state's workers. Biden will remain in Ohio on Thursday for more campaigning.

Obama also will posthumously award Specialist Leslie Sabo Jr. with the Medal of Honor for heroic actions in combat in Cambodia in 1970. Sabo's widow, Rose Mary Sabo-Brown, and brother, George Sabo, will attend the White House ceremony.

And then there is this: John Edwards' daughter Cate did not take the witness stand Tuesday, but she is expected to testify Wednesday. It is unclear if Edwards' lawyers will put him on the stand before they wrap up their case in the next few days.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Associated Press

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