Alec Baldwin Returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to Poke Fun at Trump's Sons, Inauguration Line-Up

The show's cold open also ridiculed the president-elect's two sons.

"Yes this is real, this is really happening," said Baldwin's Trump from a podium, where he addressed a room of reporters, during the cold open.

When a fictional reporter from Buzzfeed -- which Trump described earlier this week as "a failing pile of garbage" after it published an unconfirmed, salacious report that Russia had compromising intelligence on him -- attempted to ask a question, Baldwin's Trump echoed the aforementioned sentiment, saying, "You're a failing pile of garbage, I took your test yesterday and I'm a Joey not a Rachel!"

The cold open also poked fun at the Trump transition team's apparent difficulty in securing musical acts and celebrities for inauguration day events. (Singer Jennifer Holliday, for example, announced Saturday she backed out of the inauguration.)

"Who is excited for my inauguration day?" said Baldwin's Trump to a roar of applause. "Yes thank you to those people over there who I definitely did not pay to do that. And we have have got some of the biggest performers in the world lined up. Hold on to your t*** and bits, because we've got Three Doors Down."