ANALYSIS: Paul Ryan Gambles Policy Vision in Embracing Donald Trump

“A Better Way” is a policy-heavy, optimistic vision for governing that will be driven, in Ryan’s telling, by the House of Representatives that he leads.

“We can get angry, and we can stay angry,” Ryan said in rolling the project out, “or we can channel that anger into action.”

It’s a powerful sentiment in a year where conservatives fear their core principles will suffer because of a presidential candidate for whom “angry” might be a compliment. But Ryan, of course, is now on record supporting that same candidate.

He is still hoping that he can put policy ahead of personality, in a year where the latter has utterly dominated the discussion. And Ryan is trusting Trump to stay out of his way, now that Ryan is removing himself as an obstacle to Trump’s bid.

Ryan’s decision does also make him a Trump supporter, which means being asked to answer for Trump’s latest. It took only hours for Trump to attack a federal judge as biased based on his Mexican heritage; “I completely disagree,” Ryan responded in a radio interview Friday.