Attorney General Loretta Lynch Faces Potential Minefield With Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

Justice Department received non-criminal "referral" over email investigation.

"We have recently received some referrals ... as we receive referrals on any number of things," Lynch told ABC News' Pierre Thomas in an exclusive interview. "We review them and we'll determine what particular steps, if any, we need to take."

Lynch declined to say whether her connection to the Clintons creates a conflict of interest for her now.

The intelligence community referred the matter to the Justice Department mainly because it was concerned that classified information could be compromised after being sent over unsecured networks and then put in the hands of Clinton's legal team, a spokesman for the intelligence community's inspector general told ABC News.

In a recent memorandum to the State Department's Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy, the inspectors general said a review of Clinton's emails revealed "hundreds of potentially classified emails within the collection.”

Williams said the intelligence community found four emails out of a batch of 40 that it reviewed containing classified information, though they were not marked as such.

Clinton on Saturday brushed off the new investigation, saying she was confident she hadn't received or sent anything that was classified at the time.

ABC News' Justin Fishel, Jack Date, Jack Cloherty, Audrey Taylor and Geneva Sands contributed to this report.