Bernie Sanders Accuses Hillary Clinton of 'Categorically Untrue' Statements on His Record

Sanders insisted he voted in favor of the 2008 automobile industry bailout.

“Secretary Clinton tried to make the point that I did not support the bailout of the automobile industry and the millions of jobs that were at stake,” Sanders said, referring to comments Clinton made during last night’s CNN debate. “The only problem with her assertion is that it is categorically untrue.”

Both Clinton and Sanders doubled down today with competing radio as on the issue. Sanders' new ad, sent first to ABC News, accuses Clinton of skewing the truth. "Washington has always had a funny relationship with the truth, so it’s not surprising his opponent is out with a new radio ad trying to distort the truth about Bernie’s record," the announcer in the ad says. "Michigan voters deserve better than typical Washington tactics."

The senator said he was “taken aback” when Clinton made the claim on the debate stage and that it took him a few seconds to understand what she was saying. He in turn accused her attempting to deflect attention from her support of free-trade agreements, which he calls “disastrous,” and going out of her way to “mis-characterize” the series of bailout votes.

All of this left Clinton with the opening for her line last night: "I voted to save the auto industry," she said on the stage. "He voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry.”