Bernie Sanders: Clinton Is 'Jumping the Gun' on Definitively Saying She'll Be Democratic Nominee

"I think we have a shot," Sanders said on "This Week."

Sanders pointed to his recent victories in Oregon, West Virginia and Indiana as evidence that Clinton was getting ahead of herself and added, “We're going to have to do very, very, very well in the remaining nine contests. I think we have a shot.”

He needs to win 67 percent of the remaining pledged delegates to pull ahead of Clinton on that front.

“I have every confidence that if Hillary Clinton is prepared to stand up to the greed of corporate America and Wall Street, is prepared to be really strong on the issue of climate change, support, as I do, a tax on carbon ... if she is strong on those issues, yeah, I think she will win and win by a large vote,” he said. “But if she is not, she’s going to have her problems.”