Bernie Sanders Embraces 'SNL' Skit, Talks About 'One Pair of Underwear'

On campaign trail in Iowa Sunday, Bernie Sanders embraced "SNL" skit.

Viewers raved that David, with a white wig and half-baked Brooklyn accent, nailed the Vermont senator, joking Sanders only owns one pair of underwear.

Today, speaking to reporters outside a fundraiser in Iowa City, Sanders very seriously -- at least for a moment -- disagreed.

"This is a serious question," the senator said. "Last week I bought my second pair of underwear.

"That’s a joke," he bellowed. "Joke, joke, joke. I have an ample supply of underwear.

"When I was mayor of the city of Burlington I think I did have one suit," Sanders continued jovially. "But now as a United States senator I have increased my supply of suits as well."

During an exclusive Sunday show interview on ABC News' "This Week," Sanders told George Stephanopoulos he would have to have Larry David perform during one of his rallies.

"He does me better than I do," Sanders said.