Bernie Sanders Mocks Donald Trump's Atlantic City Troubles at Rally

Sanders also spoke about pay and benefits cuts for workers in town.

— -- Bernie Sanders, who is campaigning coast to coast today, started his morning by taking a swing at Donald Trump at a rally in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“You don’t think he is a brilliant, successful businessman who can continue the tide of prosperity to America that he has brought here to Atlantic City?” Sanders said sarcastically about the presumptive Republican nominee. The crowd booed and jeered the reference to Trump.

Sanders also swiped at Carl Icahn, a billionaire investor and Trump ally. He said Icahn’s "greed [was] destroying America" and mocked Trump’s troubles in the casino city. Earlier this year, Icahn bought the Trump Taj Mahal after it went bankrupt.

Sanders also spoke about pay and benefits cuts for workers in town.

Prior to the rally, Sanders met privately with rank-and-file members of UNITE HERE Local 54. The Vermont senator was previously endorsed by the union representing thousands of housekeepers, bartenders, servers, cooks and dishwashers in Atlantic City.

He addressed his fans as well, telling them he believed he still had a path to win.

“If we can win here in New Jersey and win in California and win in some of the other states, and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates, we’re gonna go into Philadelphia and the Democratic [National] Convention -- and expect to come out with the Democratic nomination,” he said.

He added: "It is an uphill fight, but I have been used to uphill fights my entire life. I want you all to know that this campaign will fight for every remaining vote in every remaining state."

Sanders will end his day with an event in Sacramento, California, the beginning of another West Coast and Rocky Mountain state swing for him.