Bernie Sanders Praises Joe Biden, Gets in Veiled Jab at Hillary Clinton

Republicans are not his "enemies," Bernie Sanders said.

"Well, as the most progressive member of the United States Senate, I obviously have strong disagreements with the Republicans on every issue,” Sanders said at a news conference outside of Penn Station in New York City. “There is no issue that we don't have fundamental disagreements, but I would not use the word 'enemies' to describe a fellow American. Strong differences in opinion, opponents, I wouldn't use the word enemies."

When asked about the momentum of his campaign, he said he is going to “continue running a positive issue oriented campaign. We don't do negative ads, we don't make personal attacks. So we’ll just continue doing what we’re doing and we look forward to success.”

Sanders then thanked both Biden and the president, saying the country has seen "significant progress" because of their administration, noting they have "more than a year to go."

"I look forward to working with Joe Biden, who I know will remain active in these struggles," he said as a crowd of about 40 onlookers formed outside of the train station.

In an ABC News-Washington Post poll released Tuesday, Clinton has 64% support while Sanders has 25%.