Bernie Sanders Questions Donald Trump's Wealth: 'He Is Probably as Broke as Everybody Else'

At a San Diego-area rally, the Vermont senator questioned Trump's wealth.

At a campaign event Saturday at Kimball Park in National City, California, Sanders told the crowd of thousands, Trump "tells us is he is a billionaire. Who knows? He is probably as broke as everybody else is.”

The Democratic presidential hopeful, who is campaigning in Southern California ahead of the state's June 7 primary, has expressed similar doubts in the past. At Saturday's rally, Sanders said Trump "doesn’t often tell the truth," and that includes claims about his wealth.

But as ABC News previously reported, Trump took in at least $619 million last year, according to an ABC News analysis of Trump's personal financial disclosure documents. He continues to refuse to release his full tax returns despite calls from both sides of the aisle to make them public, citing an ongoing audit. Trump has said repeatedly that he will release his returns once the audit is complete.

"Nothing is over yet and this movement is still going on strong," said Lopez, who also spoke in Spanish. "Every American deserves a better government."

Lopez continued, "You know, government is supposed to protect us citizens. Government is supposed to protect us, but somewhere along the way that stopped, it got lost. Money took over. Listen, money, I got money, it’s not everything. But I want you to have money, I want you to have education. I want you to be safe."

The former late night talk show host also took a jab at Trump, mimicking his affifnity for repeatedly telling his supporters "we're gonna win." Said Lopez, "We’re gonna win and we’re gonna win and we’re not gonna get tired of winning, we’re gonna keep winning. We’ll show you what winning looks like."

Woodley, 24, spoke about the need to be challenge the establishment.

MaryAlice Parks contributed to this report.