Bill Clinton: Obama Will Be Judged On Whether U.S. Is 'More Secure' After ISIS Strikes

The former president says Americans will support Obama's ISIS strategy

“I think they don’t support and shouldn’t right now…us getting involved in a ground conflict. That’s probably what they – ISIS – would like. They’d probably like that because then they could blame us,” he said “He hasn’t been suckered into that, and he rightly points out that we can help someone else…but we’re not prepared to go back in.”

Clinton added that President Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS “has a chance to succeed.”

Asked if President Obama is experiencing a “second term curse,” Clinton offered an assessment of the difficulties facing Obama in an increasingly divisive political situation.

“You have to say that the American people are going to make a hiring decision, and they have to own their share of the responsibility here. If they want people who will work with other people, they have to figure out who those folks are and vote for them,” he said.

Clinton’s interview came at the 10th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Clintons have convened a prestigious group of world leaders, intellectuals, celebrities and philanthropists to discuss some of the most pressing global issues.

“We can document the improvements in the lives of 430 million people in 180 countries. We have pursued policies which have led a lot of foundations and governments to change what they're doing including my foundation,” he said. “In terms of just sheer gross impact, it's been bigger than I thought it would be.”