Building a debate set: By the numbers

It took more than two weeks to assemble the set.

Friday's Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC News and WMUR-TV — in collaboration with Apple New — will be held at the Sullivan Arena at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The actual set for the debate was brought to Manchester from Houston, Texas, where it had been used for the third Democratic debate in September.

Starting on Jan. 23, dozens of technicians, set designers and construction workers transformed the 200-by-85-foot hockey rink into a fully-wired, ready for a prime-time debate hall worthy of a presidential debate.

Here's what it took to make it happen:

-- 1,886 miles to transport the set

-- 15,000 pounds of scenery and lighting brought to Manchester

-- 16 days to reassemble the set in Sullivan Arena

-- 20,000,000 LED pixels across 10 screens in the debate hall

-- 15,000 hours to set up the stage

-- 1,400 seats in the arena

-- 220 chain motors holding the scenery

-- 30 cameras set up throughout the hall

-- 7 podiums on the stage