Clinton Campaign Manager: 'I Don't Know' What FBI Director Is Doing

Robby Mook expressed confusion over recent FBI developments.

He declined to provide a direct answer.

"I don’t know what he’s doing," Mook told the hosts of "The View." "I thought it was very strange. There's protocols that you don't announce things right before an election, but, also, that the FBI doesn't comment on anything that they're investigating."

Mook noted that Clinton's campaign has been told the FBI is investigating Trump’s possible connections to Russia, but have not publicized it in the same way.

Clinton herself has used similar rhetoric, calling Comey's announcement, "strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling."

Mook expressed confidence, however, that Clinton would ultimately emerge from the investigation unscathed.

"Hillary has been cleared on this and she'll be cleared again," he said.

Recent polls show the race tightening between Clinton and Trump in battleground states. Mook acknowledged he thinks the race will be "very very close," predicting record turnout.

He did note, however, that Brazile had also been in touch with Sanders’ advisers during the campaign.

The hosts also asked Mook if Clinton would support Trump as President if she were to lose. He emphasized that she believes in a peaceful transition of power.