Clinton on Potential Battle With Trump: 'I've Been Standing Up to Bullies My Entire Life'

"I've been standing up to bullies my entire life," Clinton said.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida -- As five states hold primary elections today, Hillary Clinton weighed in on what a potential matchup between her and Donald Trump would look like in a general election, saying she is “not a bit” concerned about the personal attacks he might wage.

“Look, I’ve been standing up to bullies my entire life on the international stage, on the national stage,” Clinton told ABC News’ Cecilia Vega today after making a surprise campaign stop at a Dunkin' Donuts in West Palm Beach, Florida. “I believe that I will run a campaign that is about the future of this country, to break down the barriers that stand in the way of individual Americans being successful.”

She added: "He can run whatever kind of campaign he wants, I have really thick skin."

Clinton -- who over the past few weeks has been transitioning to sounding more like a general election candidate -- went on to say that while she would never call on Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race, she would “expect” him to support her if she does become the nominee.

“I worked really hard to make sure everybody who supported me supported [President Obama],” Clinton said, referring to the months after her failed 2008 presidential bid. “I would expect the same if I’m fortunate enough to be the nominee.”

Even so, she’s not yet ready to declare the battle over. Tonight, Clinton’s campaign is bracing for possible losses in up to three of the five states voting today -- Missouri, Illinois and Ohio.

But Clinton is confident that despite those losses, she will still have the delegate advantage over her opponent.

“I am in a hunt for delegates,” she said, “and we’re gonna end up with a lot of delegates tonight.”