Clinton Tells Animal Rights Protesters Trump and His Kids 'Killed a Lot of Animals' After Being Heckled

Clinton was heckled in Las Vegas.

Clinton was at the start of her remarks and promoting Nevada senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto when one protester tried to get into the buffer area in front of the stage. A Secret Service agent joined her at the podium and two more members of her security detail then moved in front of Clinton.

Clinton appeared startled at first.

"You're OK. Keep talking, you handled it. We’re not going anywhere," said the agent.

After identifying the protesters' cause as animal rights, Clinton took the opportunity to needle Donald Trump and his children.

"We’ll keep talking and apparently these people are here to protest Trump because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so thank you for making that point," said Clinton.

It was not immediately clear what Clinton was referencing, but Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr. are noted big game hunters.

They have taken trips to Africa where they have been pictured with dead elephants and crocodiles. Donald Trump addressed the hobby as early as July 2015 when he responded to a picture of Donald Jr. and Eric with a dead leopard by saying, “My sons are hunters. They're great marksman, great shots, they love it.”

The remainder of the rally continued without interruption.