The 5 Most Contentious Exchanges at Donald Trump’s News Conference

Donald Trump gives "dishonest" media a piece of his mind, once again.

May 31, 2016, 3:22 PM

— -- Donald Trump is no stranger to the media. As he mentions often, he’s been in the limelight for years, and is known for calling reporters and newsrooms directly to float story ideas or contest coverage.

And while relations between journalists and the candidates they cover can be contentious, it is rare, perhaps, for a presidential candidate to hurl insults at the press corps with as much frequency as this presumptive Republican nominee does.

At today’s news conference, for instance, he referred to various reporters as “dishonest,” “disgusting” and “sleazy,” while mocking one as “a real beauty.”

Here are five of the most combative moments today:

1. ’You’re a Real Sleazy Guy’

ABC News’ Tom Llamas asked him about his contributions to veterans’ organizations. Trump held a January fundraiser for veterans in Iowa, and some people have since raised questions about the distribution of the money.

Trump announced last week that he donated $1 million of his own money toward that cause, and today detailed the amount of money allocated to 41 groups.

Llamas noted that Trump had been generous in writing the $1 million check. “The night of that Iowa fundraiser you said you had raised $6 million. Clearly you had not. Your critics say you tend to exaggerate, you have a problem with the truth. Is this a prime example?” he asked.

"No, I raised almost $6 million,” Trump responded. "Some of it didn't come through, but more money is coming through than didn't come through.”

Trump later criticized the media for looking into his donations.

"But what I don't want is when I raise millions of dollars, have people say like this sleazy guy right over here from ABC, he's a sleaze in my book,” Trump began.

Llamas interjected, asking why he was a sleaze.

“You're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well,” Trump said.

2. Trump Says Interactions Will Continue to Be Contentious If He’s President

At one point, a reporter for noted to Trump that he had set a new bar in calling some members of the media “losers,” asking whether such interactions would continue to be contentious if Trump won the presidency.

"Yeah, it is,” Trump said.

He added, "It is going to be like this … . If the press writes false stories like they did with this because, you know, half of you were amazed I raised all of this money -- then we have to read probably libelous stories, or certainly close, in the newspapers and the people know the stories are false, I'm going to continue to attack the press."

3. ‘You’re a Real Beauty’

Trump repeatedly called the media dishonest for looking into his donations. CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Trump whether he is resistant to the kind of scrutiny that comes with running for the presidency.

"I like scrutiny, but you know what? When I raised money, excuse me, excuse me. I have watched you on television. You're a real beauty. When I raise money for the veterans and it's a massive amount of money, find out how much Hillary Clinton has given to the veterans, nothing,” Trump said.

4. ‘The Press Should Be Ashamed of Themselves’

The first question that Trump received today was why it took so long to announce what had happened to money he said he raised. Trump responded, saying he had raised $5.6 million and noting that he had hoped to keep his donations private, despite hosting a televised fundraiser.

"I will say that the press should be ashamed of themselves, and on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. “

5. ‘You Make Me Look Very Bad’

Finally, Trump appeared agitated that reporters had called organizations on the list the had initially released to verify that the organizations had, in fact, received the funds.

Of the veterans’ organizations, he said, "They are calling me and they are furious because I sent people checks of a lot of money, and we're going to give you the names right now, which is what you want. And instead of being like, ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Trump’ or ‘Trump did a good job,’ everyone is saying, ‘Who got it? Who got it? Who got it?’ And you make me look very bad."

He added, somewhat morosely, "I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job."

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