Cruz Says He Still Has a Path to the Nomination if He Loses Indiana Primary

"I am competing until the end," Cruz said.

“We intend to do absolutely everything possible to win tomorrow. It’s gonna be up to the people of Indiana,” Cruz told ABC News while campaigning in Osceola, Indiana. “The polls have been all over the place. There has literally been a 30-point swing depending on what poll you are looking at. We are neck-and-neck right now in the state of Indiana.”

When pressed on whether he would drop out before the GOP convention in July, Cruz said, "I am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory. I am competing until the end.”

On the eve of the primary, the Texas senator framed the race as a choice about the future of the nation’s children.

“Do you really want to go through the next four years with a president who, if your child came home and simply uttered the words coming out of that president's mouth, would make you punish your child, would make you embarrassed for your child?” Cruz asked. “We need a president who unifies us. Who speaks to our better angels."

He added: "This is a fundamental decision for our nation and I have tremendous faith in Hoosiers across this great state.”