Dan Quayle on Donald Trump: ‘I'm Going to Support the Nominee’

"He's a winner and he's unusual,” Quayle said of Trump.

“I hope that happens, because we do have to be unified,” Quayle said. “If we're not unified, then we have a real lot of trouble at stake.”

“Clearly, he's got good political instincts, he has a good business background, he's a winner and he's unusual,” Quayle said of Trump. “He’s obviously very different. He’s not going to play by the rules … but I think that he can win.”

But he also said he wanted to see Trump “more involved” in policy matters.

“He's got to make another speech on foreign policy. He's got to make speeches on the economy. He's got to show that he's presidential. He's not running in a primary anymore. He's won that. Now he's got to figure out how to win the general election,” Quayle said.

Of Trump’s likely Democratic challenger, Quayle said Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president “on paper,” but argued that Trump is “more qualified in the sense that the American people, I think, want an outsider.”

“Man of substance, great guy,” Quayle said of Portman.