DC Metro: What It Was Like Inside the Smoky Station That Turned Deadly

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WATCH Deadly Smoke Fills DC Metro Station

A cloud of smoke filled a metro tunnel near Washington D.C's L'Enfant Plaza station on Monday, leaving one passenger dead, one in critical condition and more than 80 others hospitalized.

Here's a look at what victims saw inside the tunnel:

Metro riders were trapped underground in the dark, smoky train for almost an hour, some unable to pry open the doors or exit the vehicle.

With smoke quickly seeping into the cars, an announcement urged passengers to “remain calm,” assuring them “there is no fire in the tunnel, it’s just smoke ... the train is not on fire.”

"We're all trying to get back to the platform. Visibility is zero in the tunnel," the announcement added. "Please do not open the train doors. Please, stay where you are right now."

Passengers described a chaotic scene -- people coughing, choking, crying -- and praying.

Eventually, firefighters came to the rescue, leading more than 200 soot-stained passengers out through the tunnel.

Escape through the tunnel

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Outside the station. Lots of people needed medical attention. #lenfantplaza #yellowline

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According to the National Transportation Safety Board, it was an "an electrical arcing event" on the high-voltage third rail that caused the deadly smoke.