Democratic National Committee rolls out 'Trump at One Year' strategy

The strategy is centered on discrediting President Trump's economic message.

— -- Eager to capitalize on a political environment that looks more and more favorable, national Democrats Tuesday unveiled their political strategy as President Trump nears one year in the White House.

The bulk of the Democratic strategy is focused on discrediting President Trump’s economic message--painting his first year as a boon for the wealthiest Americans.

Warren, seen by many as the leading candidate of the progressive wing of the party, said Democrats need to focus on working-class voters if they want to win political victories in the Trump era.

The push from Democrats comes as President Trump’s approval rating remains mired in the mid-to-low 30s, and the party looks to take back both the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms.

Democrats need to flip 24 House seats in order to retake the House--in Republican hands since 2011-- and many of those seats are represent suburban, highly-educated districts where Democrats hope they can mount a successful counter-narrative to Trump on the economy.

Republicans are holding on to a slim 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate, but Democrats face the daunting task of defending 24 incumbent-held seats, while Republicans need to defend only eight.

Perez, buoyed by recent Democratic wins in Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama, was optimistic his party is in good position to add victories as the Trump enters his second year.