Dick and Liz Cheney Slam Hillary Clinton, Encourage Joe Biden to Run

Dick and Liz Cheney talk politics in a series of radio interviews Tuesday.

The former vice president encouraged Biden to run for president during an interview with Portland’s KEX radio, but declined to give their opinions on the 2016 GOP field, saying they would endorse the eventual nominee.

Cheney also attacked Clinton, comparing her emailing practices -- using a private server to conduct government business -- to his own. Clinton has maintained that she didn't do anything illegal and that she did not handle classified information via the private server.

“I didn’t do emails, I didn’t write very many memos on my watch," Cheney said during a radio interview Tuesday morning with KOA in Denver. "That was my practice. I communicated with my staff orally."

Cheney and his daughter Liz were promoting their new book, “Exceptional" and told the station he got rid of a computer that had been installed in his office on his first day as vice president. “I didn’t want the electronics in my office,” he said.

“As long as ISIS has a caliphate, you’re going to continue to have massive refugee flows, continue to have bases of operation from which they can launch attacks,” she said in response to a question from the hosts of KMBZ’s morning show in Kansas City.

The co-authors also shed light on their writing process, which Liz said also involved her mother Lynne.

“Mom served as editor,” she told New York’s WNYM. “It was an entertaining for the most part family exercise and there were only a few instances where we disagreed,” she added.