After DNC Breach, Clinton Campaign Holds Fundraiser at Hacker Conference

Event takes place days after thousands of DNC emails published online.

The fundraising event, hosted by Black Hat founder Jeff Moss and attended by the Clinton campaign's cybersecurity working group coordinator, Michael Sulmeyer, will be an "evening discussing cyber policy issues facing the next administration," according to the campaign's website. Tickets run from $100 to $2,700.

Black Hat, along with another annual hacker convention in Las Vegas called DEF CON, is one of the largest gatherings of hackers and cybersecurity professionals in the world. A representative for Black Hat said the fundraising event was not related to the conference, as Black Hat is apolitical.

The FBI, likely with help from the NSA and CIA, is investigating who was behind the breach. Cybersecurity experts who have analyzed the hack and Clinton campaign officials have laid blame on hackers working for Russian intelligence agencies, but top U.S. officials have said it's too early to make that call.