Donald Trump Arrives by Helicopter for Day 3 of RNC

Trump's family arrived separately.

Trump arrived by himself, while his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, arrived at the Cleveland Science Center ahead of Trump.

"The last time I got accused of speaking a little bit long so this time I’m going to speak a lot shorter, but I just want to introduce a man who has become a friend of mine, somebody who is going to make an unbelievable vice president of the United States: Governor Mike Pence," Trump said.

Trump also thanked his children for their speeches at the convention.

"I just also want to congratulate Don and Tiffany, and Eric -- he's going to have his shot tonight and he's going to be great -- and Ivanka tomorrow night, and my whole family," Trump said.

Pence, who will address the convention this evening, also spoke briefly.

"I'm convinced what begins in Cleveland will end in the White House!" he said.

Trump took back the microphone and said that "we'll go and start working" before the group headed out.

ABC News' Candace Smith contributed to this report.