Trump Bashes Cruz-Kasich Alliance, Calls It 'Pathetic' and 'Weak'

Trump attacked his opponents today during a rally in Warwick, Rhode Island.

— -- Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump attacked his opponents, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, today, calling them “weak” and “pathetic” for agreeing to coordinate against him in three upcoming primary contests.

"It shows how weak they are," Trump said during a rally in Warwick, Rhode Island. "It shows how pathetic they are.”

Cruz’s campaign said Sunday night it would direct its resources to Indiana, leaving New Mexico and Oregon to Kasich’s campaign, which said it would move its resources to those states and allow Cruz to take on Trump in Indiana. However, Cruz and Kasich did not go so far as to tell their supporters to actually vote for their opponent.

"I’m not going to tell anybody how to vote," Kasich told reporters at a Philadelphia diner this morning. "But look, I mean, this is a matter of resources, and we’re running a national campaign, and we want to have our resources where we think they could be used most effectively.”

Meanwhile, Cruz denied that his move to work with Kasich shows he is more of a Washington insider than the outsider label he proudly touts suggests.

"Last night, the John Kasich campaign announced that they’re pulling out of Indiana, leaving this as a direct one-on-one choice for the people of Indiana between our campaign and Donald Trump,” Cruz said during a campaign stop in Borden, Indiana, today. "That choice is important for the country."

In one of the first tangible manifestations of the deal, Kasich cancelled two campaign events he was scheduled to hold in Indiana on Tuesday, although he will still hold a private fundraiser in Indianapolis that day, a spokesman for Kasich, Chris Schrimpf, told ABC News. Cruz campaigned in Indiana today, while Kasich is scheduled to be in Oregon on Thursday.