Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Shares Responsibility for Charlotte Unrest

The Republican nominee is blaming his rival, in part, for the Charlotte unrest.

September 22, 2016, 11:53 PM

—ASTON, Penns. -- Addressing supporters in suburban Philadelphia, Donald Trump laid blame for this week's unrest in Charlotte on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society -- and this is a narrative that's supported with a nod by my opponent; you see what she’s saying and it’s not good -- shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest that is afflicting our country and hurting those who have really the very least," Trump told supporters at Sun Center Studios in Chester Township, Pennsylvania.

Trump made the remarks as hundreds of demonstrators in North Carolina's most populous city kicked off a third night of protests following the fatal police shooting Tuesday of Keith Lamont Scott. Over the past three days, riot gear-wearing police have dispersed tear gas at protesters, some of whom have thrown bottles at officers, vandalized businesses, blocked an interstate, and tossed objects at vehicles.

Chanting "No Justice, No Peace" and "Don't Shoot, Hands Up," protesters have been carrying signs that read "End Police Terror," "Black Lives Matter," "I Hope I Don't Killed For Being Black" and "Black Power."

Many of those protesting in the African-American community -- a voting bloc the Republican presidential nominee says he hopes to win over -- believe differently than Trump, viewing the pattern of African-Americans, often unarmed, being killed by police as a systemic problem, indicative of a pervasive prejudice that still exists in the U.S.

Trump depicted Clinton as out of touch with many black Americans who live in inner cities.

"Hillary Clinton does not have to worry about the sirens and the gunshots at night," Trump said. "She doesn’t worry about it. She’s sleeping."

He continued to ridicule Clinton's energy level, saying, "I have been all over the country. You probably noticed. Where is Hillary today?” he asked. "Well they say she’s been practicing for the debate. Some people think she’s sleeping."

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