Man at Trump Rally Hits 2 Protesters in the Head

Trump invited a group of supporters on stage to address Clinton's critique.

September 12, 2016, 8:56 PM

— -- A man in the audience of a Trump rally in North Carolina Monday evening hit two male protesters in the head as they were being escorted out.

Further details were not immediately available.

Earlier, Trump invited a group of his supporters to join him on stage to speak out against Hillary Clinton's claim that half of those backing the Republican presidential nominee belong in a "basket of deplorables."

"Let me invite onto the stage some of our wonderful supporters who can tell you themselves what they think of her very horrible statements that she made three days ago," said Trump. "These are not deplorable people. That I could tell you."

Members of the diverse group each took a few moments at the podium to attack Clinton's comments and describe why they will be voting for Trump.

"My wife and I represent non-deplorable people," said one supporter. "We are not racists at all, we don’t even fit on that list that she put out."

"I am probably a lot of things, deplorable is not one of them, I assure you," said another supporter from the stage.

"After all the horrible scandals that Hillary Clinton has been involved in and then she has the gut to call us deplorable," said a third speaker. "It’s unbelievable."

Earlier Monday, Trump called for Clinton to "retract" her statements about those who intend to vote for him. He focused the first half of his remarks on their defense.

"These people are so representative of everyone throughout our country," said Trump.

Clinton issued a statement Saturday saying she was “‘grossly generalistic,’ and that's never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’ -- that was wrong."

Later during the speech, a member of the audience appeared to faint not far from the stage upon which Trump was speaking.

"Could we have a doctor please?" said Trump, who noticed the commotion in front of him.

Trump noted that the room was "about 100 degrees" as the supporter received assistance. Trump briefly left the stage and walked down to the crowd before continuing the speech after a few minutes.

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