Donald Trump Says His Kids ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Have White House Jobs

There's one place Donald Trump's children likely won't follow him to.

Muir asked the presumptive Republican nominee if there would be a role for eldest son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka in the White House.

“Probably not,” Trump said. I would leave them to run the business and I think that’s what they really like doing and that’s what they’re doing now. They’re very much involved with the business along with my executives but probably not in the White House, no.”

“I think it’s fair but in many respects he was coming to that on his own. We were there to help augment that and really think it through with him,” Trump's son told Bloomberg’s “With all Due Respect."

The children all got their start in business with their father. Don Jr. serves as an Executive Vice President in the Trump Organization, his brother Eric is an Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for The Trump Organization ; Ivanka holds that same title and also has her own brand of jewelry and clothing lines. They all have appeared in interviews with their father, defending him against criticism, while Ivanka has filmed campaign videos for her father.