Donald Trump Narrows Hillary Clinton's Lead in New National Poll

It's down from a double-digit lead after the conventions.

— -- Donald Trump is tightening the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, according to a new national poll from Fox News released today.

Clinton received 48 percent support to Trump’s 42 percent, a smaller gap than the 10-point spread in the same poll earlier this month. When including Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein, the lead is cut to just 2 percentage points – 41 to 39 percent, with 9 percent for Johnson and 4 percent for Stein.

The poll shows Clinton’s leading among her core groups like nonwhites and women. Trump performs better among white men and whites without a college degree.

Trump also reached a new high in favorability for the campaign, hitting 42 percent, a traditionally poor rating that still trails Hillary Clinton’s 45 percent favorable rating.

The poll comes after Trump’s impromptu meeting with the president of Mexico this afternoon. More than three in four voters say they support a system for undocumented immigrants to become legal residents and not be deported.

Previous polling showed Clinton’s leading Trump by double digits in the wake of her party’s convention, which typically gives candidates a bounce in the polls that eventually fades.