Donald Trump Praises Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, Compares Him to 'Fine Wine'

Trump had lambasted Ryan during the campaign.

"I've come to appreciate him," Trump said. "He's like a fine wine. Every day I appreciate his genius more and more."

"We're going to work on that wall, Paul," he added.

Trump was not expected to win Wisconsin, which before this year, had voted Democratic on the presidential level in every election since 1984.

Tuesday’s rally is the first time Ryan and Trump have appeared on stage together. They’ve met in person twice since the election: at Trump Tower last week, and in Washington just days after Trump won the presidency.

“We're fine. We're not looking back,” Ryan said of his history with Trump in an interview with “60 Minutes” earlier this month. “That’s behind us. We're way beyond that.”

Ryan has distanced himself from Trump’s unfounded claims about millions of illegal votes in the election, his relationship with his business empire, and the president-elect’s doubts that Russia was behind a series of hacks against U.S. political institutions -– the position of 17 intelligence agencies.