Donald Trump Returns to Trail to Take on 'Crooked' Delegate System

He even expressed some sympathy for Sanders' fight.

"It’s a crooked system and in all fairness take a look at what’s happening to Bernie," Trump said. "He wins, he wins, he wins. And I hear he doesn't have a chance.

"This is a crooked system folks. This is a crooked -- I'm not a fan of Bernie, I couldn't care less. As far as I'm concerned I couldn’t care less about Bernie, but he wins and he wins. Like me I've won twice as much as [Texas Sen. Ted] Cruz, I’ve won millions of votes more."

"You talk about Hillary," he said. "I mean, the worst, the worst. You saw what Bernie said? They’re starting to [get] angry at each other now. Bernie’s saying, she shouldn't be able to be in that position. Because she’s made so many bad decisions, she shouldn't even be running for the position. You saw that. And she has made bad, bad decisions."

Then he turned to look ahead to the general election.

"I look so forward to going after Hillary finally, after these guys," he said to cheers. "It's gonna be easy."

When he returned to the subject of his own fight for the Republican nomination, he again took up the theme of an "unfair" and "crooked" system.

Trump also mentioned the front page of today’s Boston Globe, which satirically imagines the country several months into a Trump presidency.

"The whole front page they made up a story that Trump, they pretended that Trump is the president and they made up the whole front page is a make-believe story, which is really no different than the whole paper for the whole thing," he said. "I mean the whole thing is made up. And I think they are having a big backlash on that one, you know."

Trump will continue his swing in upstate New York with a rally Monday night in Albany.