Donald Trump on Debate: May Do 'Terribly' or 'Great'

Where Donald Trump goes, America's political campaign follows.

Turnberry, Scotland -- Where Donald Trump goes, America's political campaign follows.

On an unofficial trip to Turnberry, Scotland, Donald Trump told reporters his sole focus was running for president. "Three months ago I would have said business is more important, but now I'm more a politician, although I hate the word," Trump said.

Turnberry is the location of one of Trump's most lucrative golf courses, where the women's British Open of golf is taking place this week.

Only a week before the first Republican debate in which he is taking part, the outspoken candidate said his only plan was to "show up."

"I am who I am, I'm not a debater," Trump said, before adding he was a "big job builder who gets things done." "Maybe I'll do terribly, maybe I'll do great."

Regarding his earlier comments on Mexicans and illegal immigration, Trump did not show any sign of regret and said he was confident he would win the Hispanic vote.

"I'm not known as a politically correct person, and for a good reason," Trump said.

Asked about how he would deal with foreign powers, Trump said he believed he was a great diplomat, and would get on well with Russia and China.