Donald Trump Says of World Leaders If They’re ‘Rattled,’ ‘That’s a Good Thing’

Trump held a media briefing ahead of his speech in Bismarck, North Dakota.

May 26, 2016, 3:41 PM

— -- Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump brushed off President Obama’s comments that world leaders are “rattled” by him, arguing it's a “good thing” if so.

After wrapping his first day at the G7 summit in Japan last night, Obama told reporters his discussions with world leaders revealed that “they are not sure how seriously to take some of [Trump's] pronouncements but they’re rattled by him, and for good reason."

“The countries in our world, our beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us,” Trump said Thursday in a press conference ahead of his speech in Bismarck, North Dakota at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. “So if they're rattled in a friendly way, we’re gonna have great relationships with these countries. But if they're rattled in a friendly way, that’s a good thing.”

Trump also answered questions about a proposed debate between him and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders that was floated as an idea on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night.

Trump said yes he would debate Sanders ahead of the California primary, but "how much is he going to pay me?"

“If he paid a nice sum toward a charity I would love to do that,” Trump told Kimmel.

Today, he said he would like the money raised from the event to “go to women’s health issues.”

“Why should the networks make a fortune and put the money in their coffers?” Trump said. “I would much rather give in this case to various groups involved with women's health issues. I think it's appropriate.”

The business mogul said he would “love" to debate Sanders, however, “the problem with debating Bernie, he's gonna lose,” Trump said.

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