Eric Trump: 'My father sees one color, green'

"My father sees one color, green," he said in an interview Wednesday on Fox.

— -- President Trump's son, Eric, is dismissing accusations from some lawmakers and others of racism based on comments he reportedly made about African nations as "s---hole countries" during an immigration meeting with lawmakers last week.

"My father sees one color, green," Trump said in an interview Wednesday on 'Fox and Friends.'"That is all he cares about, he cares about the economy. He does not see race."

Trump cited gains in the economy for African Americans as evidence his father is not racist and accused the media of covering the figures up.

The White House has similarly spent a week pushing back on claims the president is a bigot, after participants in a Thursday immigration meeting said Trump uttered a vulgar phrase about African nations and expressed preference for accepting immigrants from countries such as Norway.