Focus On Donald Trump's Business Chops Ahead of RNC's 'Make America Work Again' Night

Polling shows the economy is a key factor for American workers.

“It’s got to be better than the last eight years,” Joe Rose, a Cleveland-based attorney told ABC this afternoon. “He can’t do any worse.”

Trump has made the economy and his personal wealth a significant factor in his campaign, and polling suggests with reason.

According to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index which bases its information on weekly surveys, about two-thirds of white Americans say the national economy is in bad shape. Trump has garnered significant amounts of his support from white voters.

But when it comes to deciding who should be in charge of fixing it, the answer isn’t as clear.

Tino Ferreira, who normally works as an acrobat but is currently manning a Trump memorabilia stand on Cleveland’s busy 4th Street, said that Trump’s “already making money for me!”

Ferreira was already a Trump supporter when his friend asked him if he wanted to come to Cleveland and sell Trump hats and pins during the convention.

“The stuff sells itself,” he said.