George Pataki Predicts a Donald Trump Nomination Would Drive GOP 'Off a Cliff'

The former NY governor says he's doing what he can to deny Trump the nomination.

Pataki, who ended his bid for the White House in December, has met with both Kasich and Cruz, but would not say which candidate he plans to endorse. However, he promised that his decision would come ahead of Tuesday’s all-important New York primary.

The latest poll has Trump leading by more than 30 percent, according to a NBC-Wall Street Journal-Marist survey released Monday.

Though he predicted the Republican nominee will likely be Trump, Cruz or Kasich, Pataki wasn’t so quick to rule out a potentially different race.

“In all likelihood in my view it will be someone in the race and probably one of the last three,” Pataki told Karl and Klein. “... But I don’t think it’s inconceivable that someone could catch the imagination of the delegates at the convention.”

He did, however, rule himself out, joking that the odds of him being chosen as the party’s nominee are as great as him walking on the moon in the next two years.