George Stephanopoulos: What You Need to Know About the Last Day of the DNC

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos breaks down the top stories on the final day.

Clinton Takes the Stage

But her speech will have to top President Barack Obama's fiery and memorable nominating speech for Clinton Wednesday night.

“President Obama set the bar high last night. The question is now, can Hillary Clinton top it?” Stephanopoulos said. “This convention is not a success for the Democrats unless she knocks it out of the park tonight.”

Will She Connect With Voters?

“She’s got a big challenge coming in, even though the Democrats are really happy about what happened these first three nights,” Stephanopoulos said. “They feel they have momentum, but Hillary Clinton still is a big problem.”

“She’s got to find a way to break that down tonight to reach out and really create a bond with the public,” Stephanopoulos said. “She has got to show a side of herself she has never shown before. That’s pretty tough to do after more than 30 years on the national stage."