Government Shutdown: By the Numbers



The Peace Corps determined that there would be too many "significant tangible and intangible costs" incurred in evacuating all their volunteers overseas and returning them to their homes. In addition, evacuating its volunteers would only provide minimal savings in operating costs. Therefore, the only justifiable reason for such action would be if "a much more substantial lapse in appropriations" occurs then the agency expects. The cost of bringing one volunteer home from overseas would be about 3,500 dollars. In total, the Peace Corps predicted that bringing all of its members home would cost the US government a grand total of 29 million dollars.

--Nicki Rossoll


Total Employees: 4,202
Number Furloughed: 3,514
% Furloughed: 83.6

Currently the Smithsonian employees 4, 202 employees, in the event of a government shutdown, the world's largest museums and research complex will cut that number down to just 688 employees. Sadly, the Smithsonian Institute will not be able to keep its doors open to the public if Congress is unable to pass a funding bill. According to the institute's contingency plan, "in the event of a shutdown, a notice will be posted at each public entrance to museum buildings and research centers to inform the visiting public of (the museums) closure." One of the most beloved Smithsonian's, the National Zoo, will be able to continue some operations even if the government shuts down, personnel will be staffed to care for and feed the 'live collections at the National Zoo."

--Nicki Rossoll


Entities under the State Department are slated to continue operating until appropriated funds run out, with some but not all expiration dates ranging in the one and two-year marks. U.S. applications for passports and foreign requests for visas will continue to be processed as usual, as they are both fund-supported services. But passport agencies located in a government building may be unsupported in the case of a shutdown.

--Anneta Konstantinides


Total Employees: 55,468
Number Furloughed: 36,987
% Furloughed: 67

In a statement the Department of Transportation released with their contingency plan, they wrote, "There is no question that a shutdown will hurt our ability to move forward with much-needed transportation projects and in turn, will hurt the millions of Americans that count on them to get where they need to go faster and more efficiently." But the DOT would not experience furlough cuts as severe as some other departments. Of its 55,468 employees, nearly 67 percent (or 36,987) would continue to work in the event of a shutdown, while 18,481 would be furloughed.


Total Employees: 1,976
Number Furloughed: 997
% Furloughed: 50

A government shutdown won't stop the Treasury from paying the federal debt interest, nor will it halt the daily management of government assets and Social Security funds. But many entities of the IRS, which functions within the Department, such as audits and the processing and examinations of returns, would be forced to cease.

--Anneta Konstantinides


The United States Postal Service, will remain open and operational during a government shutdown. The agency, not unfamiliar with budget woes, is exempt from the federal government shutdown because it does not receive it's budget from annual appropriations from Congress. According to USA Today, all federal agencies that do not receive their operating budgets from annual congressional appropriations "will continue to operate normally." In addition to the USPS, the Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Highway Administration will remain operational.

--Nicki Rossoll


Total Employees: 332,025
Number Furloughed: 14,224
% Furloughed: 5

The Department of Veteran Affairs has been working to establish a number of legally excepted functions, including the provision of high-quality medical care, compensation and pension benefits, housing, and burial services. Thus, the department projects that out of the 332,025 employees, only approximately five percent, or 14,224 workers, will be furloughed. No functions of the Veterans Health Administration will be suspended. Functions not deemed necessary to protection of life and property, and therefore not excepted, include the National Veterans Awareness Campaign, the department's congressional relations, and the US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims.

--Anneta Konstantinides

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