New Hampshire Senate Race 2014: ABC News' '14 For '14'

New Hampshire Senate Race 2014

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Now that former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is in the New Hampshire Senate race this is officially one to watch. Brown is already running hard against Obamacare as he did in his successful 2010 race in the Bay State. But, victory won’t be easy. Brown’s loss in Massachusetts means he is already being pummeled with calls of “carpetbagger.” But the Shaheen camp, and national Democrats, see Brown as stiff competition, especially because he’s a proven fundraiser. This is a seat the GOP would love to pick up, so expect a nasty battle. Shaheen has asked Brown to sign the “People’s Pledge,” a ban on outside group advertising he and his then-opponent, Elizabeth Warren, both signed in 2012. Brown has refused calling it a “Washington-style game,” something Shaheen’s campaign has jumped on. Brown knows this time around there is absolutely no benefit to signing and this race may be the most expensive in New Hampshire state history. Both sides are already on the air going after each other and expect it to get much nastier. It’s clear Brown’s primary is really just a bump in the road to November.


Polls show Shaheen with an early lead. In a UNH/WMUR poll from April, Shaheen led Brown by six points 45 percent to 39 percent. As of the end of March, Shaheen had raised over $7 million and spent just over $3 million, swamping Brown who just officially got into the race in April. The campaign committees as well as outside groups are already invested in the race spending money and running ads and sending out videos, including on the right both American Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity and American Bridge on the left. This will still be tough race for both, but Shaheen currently has the advantage. Brown is pushing his New Hampshire roots, mentioning his parents who met and married here, as well as special childhood moments spent in the Granite State. He’s hoping those stories help get him over the calls of “carpetbagger” and running against Obamacare help swings voters.




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