Harward, Petraeus under consideration to replace Flynn as national security adviser

Harward, Petraeus under consideration for national security adviser

With CENTCOM, Harward reported to current Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who was then CENTCOM commander.

Petraeus, a retired four star Army general who served as CIA director from 2011-2012, under President Barack Obama, was previously the commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan and of CENTCOM. Petraeus served 37 years in the Army before retiring and taking the CIA job.

His resignation from that position in the midst of an affair with his biographer made headlines when it was revealed that he provided her with classified information. Petraeus later plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for the offense.

Until a permanent decision is reached, the White House announced Monday night that retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg will serve as acting national security adviser.

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl contributed to this report.