Heard on 'This Week'

Here are the best lines from 'This Week.'

NEW YORK, APRIL 1, 2012— -- Headliners - Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Chris Van Hollen

1) Rep. Paul Ryan said on "This Week" that the idea of releasing oil from strategic reserves to drive down domestic gas prices was "political pixie dust in an election year. It really doesn't do a lot. Instead of begging the Saudis to sell us more of their oil, what our budget does is say, Let's go and explore more of our own oil. Let's get our oil that is locked on public lands by President Obama."

2) Rep. Paul Ryan also weighed in on his comments which suggested that the generals who testified before Congress about the Pentagon's budget were being dishonest. "Yeah, I totally misspoke. It was not the impression I meant to give. I talked to General Dempsey…and expressed that sentiment "

3) Rep. Van Hollen responded to the rise in gas prices: "It's interesting to hear all these folks who on the one hand say they believe in the free market turning around and blaming the president for this, because we all know there are lots of factors that go into gas and oil prices." "Look, the reality is, you have got a lot of speculation in the oil markets driven in part because of what's happening in the Persian Gulf. The president has reached out to other oil-producing countries around the world. And they have got a strategy now to get more oil on the market. That should drive down prices. It should begin to pop that speculative bubble. "

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4) George Will: "Mitt Romney has two problems. One is the base is not energized. And Marco Rubio would do that. The second is Hispanics. The Republican candidates have spent the last six months competing with one another to see who could pledge to build the longest, tallest, thickest and most lethally electrified fence to keep Hispanics out of the country, and they have some fence-mending to do."

5) Ann Coulter: "You can't have a novelty candidate, I think. That would ring too much like Sarah Palin. I agree with George Will that it would be good to have little tea party excitement, and the odds-on favorite, I mean, certainly the betting is on Marco Rubio, I think that would be a mistake." But Coulter, who is a firm Mitt Romney supporter, said the GOP frontrunner needs a running mate who is tried and tested. She suggested Romney pick someone like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz."He's been tested, he's steady, he's not frightening. He could certainly step into the job" Coulter said of Kyl.

6) Van Jones: "And one thing I think is interesting is, if you want to do something shocking, you want the tea party base excited, nobody has talked about Condoleezza Rice. But think about this. She checks off a lot of boxes, as far as women, she's a person of color, if the optics matter. But she's actually tested. She is actually a national figure. She has foreign policy experience. She was secretary of state. And she's sitting there. Now people say, you know, you want to do something bold, put Condoleezza Rice on the ticket and watch the Obama campaign go crazy. "

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7) Van Jones said he now feels like he has to dress his sons for their safety: "As an African-American parent, I have two boys. I think I'm going to have to go broke dressing them in tuxedos every day so they can walk down the streets to buy a Snickers bar or Skittles." Jones also said: "As a black parent, I don't know how to protect my sons…When you are a victim of a crime, if something happens to your child, the only upside is that the police are going to be on your side. If your child dies at the hands of somebody who's armed — until now, here I am as a black parent … I don't know if the cops are on my side."

8) "Nightline" anchor Terry Moran, said the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law "makes it very difficult to trust our system, trust the jury, let them find the facts and do justice."

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9) George Will : "What this does, what people say when no one's listening, or so they think, gives you some insight into who Mr. Obama really is," Will said. "And this reinforces a narrative, which is that he's kind of slippery, very aloof, and mildly disdainful of those people who inhibit his flexibility, a.k.a. the American public."