Who are the highest paid staffers at the White House?

The White House releases its annual list of salaries.

— -- The White House today released the salaries of its staff, a tradition that dates back to 1995 when the White House was required to list the annual wages of staff to Congress and the public.

The current administration’s finances have been under extra scrutiny; several cabinet members are worth millions of dollars.

According to the White House release, 21 of 377 West Wing staffers make $179,700. In comparison, members of Congress earn $174,000 a year. Top jobs in the Obama administration, such as chief of staff, paid $176,461, according to 2016 White House salary reports.

Senior policy adviser Mark S. House actually makes the most -- $187,100 -- but technically he's listed as a detailee and not an employee of the White House. A detailee is a civil servant on loan to the White House from another part of the executive branch.

Gary Cohn, who currently serves as assistant to the president and director of the National Economic Council, makes $30,000 a year at the White House. The former CEO of Goldman Sachs received a severance package of nearly $65 million from the bank.

One unexpectedly high-paying position? White House chief calligrapher. Patricia Blair, who makes $102,212, also put her penmanship to work for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.