Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook on the 'Closing Case' to Voters

Robby Mook said the Clinton campaign is encouraged by voter turnout.

“I don’t understand why he couldn’t have just looked into the matter and resolved it and not created such a ruckus in the campaign,” Mook said on “Good Morning America.” “We’re just glad that in this last day Hillary can get back out on the road, celebrate the historic turnout that we’ve seen across the country and talk about the vision she has for our country.”

“It was bizarre that he sent that first letter saying that he had some information,” Mook said this morning. “We were glad, obviously, that this was resolved.”

"We saw just eye-popping turnout in Florida over the last two days, particularly in our strongholds in southern Florida, North Carolina and elsewhere," Mook said. "We’re very encouraged. We’re feeling very positive but we want to make sure everyone has the chance to participate in what will be a very historic election."

Mook called the high turnout among Latinos, Asian-Americans and women a “Clinton Coalition.”

"I think if Secretary Clinton does win this election, and we expect her to do so, it will in part be because of enormous turnout in the Latino community but also the Asian-American community," he said.

The campaign plans to release a two-minute advertisement tonight that Mook described as Clinton’s making “her closing case directly to the voters.”

"I think he needed to get those into play much earlier," Mook said. "I’m not concerned that he’s spending so much time there at the end because he didn’t build a ground game."

He added, "Just this weekend our team knocked on 7.2 million doors, made 8.1 million phone calls. We have an apparatus in place to turn out our vote."

Looking back on a presidential campaign that has lasted more than one year, Mook said the three presidential debates that saw Clinton and Trump go one-on-one and the Democratic National Convention in July that saw Clinton make history were standout moments.

"The convention and those debates were the big opportunity for Hillary to speak directly to voters in an unfiltered way," Mook said. "Every time she had the opportunity to do that, to make her case, and particularly when voters got to see her up against Donald Trump, she did best."

"Those were our best moments both just in terms of the vibe out there but also in the polling," he said. "That’s why she’s going to be a great president, when she’s in action she does a great job."