How Hillary Clinton Has Spent $82 Million More on Television Ads Than Donald Trump

The Trump campaign itself has spent nothing on ads.

Indeed, Trump's campaign has yet to spend its first dollar on television advertising this election cycle. Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign has spent almost $56 million so far, according to an ABC News analysis of data from CMAG/Kantar Media through the end of this week.

The NRA Political Victory Fund has spent $3.2 million so far, while Rebuilding America Now PAC has dropped $5.8 million and Great America PAC has spent $1.5 million since the general election began.

Still, Trump’s haphazard outside funding effort is dwarfed by the operation of Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC, which has dropped an additional $37 million into the race so far. This brings Clinton's total team spending to nearly $93 million, with tens of millions in future reservations on the calendar.

The highest amounts of spending so far has happened in Florida and Ohio -– two crucial battleground states, only one of which would likely hand Hillary Clinton the White House. Clinton and her Super PAC have also made significant buys in other swing states, leaving Trump largely outgunned across the country.

Clinton and her Super PAC have spent $23 million vs. $2 million from Trump in Florida and $16 million vs. $2 million in Ohio. She's also spent at least $5 million in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia -- often more than ten times more than what Trump's allies are spending in the state.

But the data shows what may be a dangerous trajectory for Trump. In recent weeks, Trump's allies' spending has dwindled from $2.2 million to only $1.4 million, while Clinton and her Super PAC have more than doubled their spending over the last three weeks from $6.3 million to $12.8 million.