What May Be Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Challenge

New York Times Campaign Reporter Maggie Haberman on the race for the White House

Q: Donald Trump seems to be dominating the 2016 conversation at the moment. You’ve cited how he is running an unorthodox campaign. So ultimately, what appears to be his end game? Does his camp think he has a real shot at the nomination? Would he run as a third party candidate?

Q: Have the other campaigns been caught off guard by the Trump campaign?

Haberman: They have been surprised at the rise and surprised at the boom in coverage. Few expected him to run and fewer expected him to become the litmus test.

Q: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ran Hillary’s 2000 campaign for Senate, but has not endorsed her. Why not?

Q: Are there indications de Blasio has presidential aspirations in the future? Other than that almost all politicians secretly want to be president?

Haberman: There are questions in New York political circles about whether he would ever try to run for governor, but I think that's as high as he is aiming right now.