Inauguration Day 2013: President Obama's Second Inaugural

Inauguration Day 2013: President Obama's second swearing in.

Jan. 21, 2013 — -- intro: President Obama's second inauguration came four years and a day from when he first took office. The following videos are a collection of oaths, prayers, speeches, songs and humorous moments from Inauguration 2013.

quicklist: 1category: title: Obamas Attend Churchurl: text: 8:35 a.m. The first family attended an inaugural service at St. John's Episcopal Church. Every president since James Madison has worshiped here. The first service at St. John's Church was held Oct. 27, 1816.

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quicklist: 2category: title: Procession to the Capitolurl: text: 10:42 a.m. President Obama traveled with Sen. Charles Schumer to the U.S. Capitol. Vice President Joe Biden rode separately with Sen. Lamar Alexander.

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quicklist: 3category: title: Sen. Charles Schumer Opens Inaugural Ceremonyurl: text: 11:25 a.m. The Democratic senator from New York is also chairman of the inaugural committee.

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quicklist: 4category: title: The Inaugural Prayerurl: text: 11:32 a.m. Myrlie Evers-Williams, wife of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, is former head of the NAACP.

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quicklist: 5category: title: Sen. Lamar Alexanderurl: text: 11:44 a.m. The Republican senator is the only Tennessean ever elected as both governor and senator.

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quicklist: 6category: title: Vice President Joe Biden Sworn Inurl: text: 11:46 a.m. Biden took the Oath of Office from Associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

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quicklist: 7category: title: James Taylor Performsurl: text: 11:48 a.m. The singer-songwriter sang "America the Beautiful." In 2011, President Obama awarded Taylor the National Medal of Arts at the White House.

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quicklist: 8category: title: President Obama Sworn-Inurl: text: 11:50 a.m. Obama took the Oath of Office from Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts.

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quicklist: 9category: title: President's Inaugural Addressurl: text: 11:53 a.m. President Obama called for "collective action" on the nation's challenges.

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quicklist: 10category: title: Kelly Clarkson Performsurl: text: 12:13 p.m. The singer, who originally supported GOP candidate Ron Paul in the 2012 election, sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

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quicklist: 11category: title: Richard Blancourl: text: 12:17 p.m. At 44 years old, Blanco is the youngest person in history to serve as inaugural poet.

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quicklist: 12category: title: The Benedictionurl: text: 12:24 p.m. Rev. Luis Leon was born in Guantanamo and came to America as a refugee. In 2005, Leon delivered the invocation for President George W. Bush's second inauguration.

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quicklist: 13category: title: Beyonce Performsurl: text: 12:28 p.m. The singer heated up Washington with her performance of "Star-Spangled Banner."

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quicklist: 14category: title: Obama Looks 'One More Time'url: text: 12:32 p.m. Upon leaving the inaugural platform, the president turned around to look at the crowd and said, "I'm not going to see this again."

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quicklist: 15category: title: Speaker Boehner Congratulates Obamaurl: text: 2:23 p.m. John Boehner presented President Obama and Vice President Biden with American flags during the inaugural luncheon hosted by members of Congress.

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quicklist: 16category: title: Biden's Luncheon Jokeurl: text: 2:38 p.m. The vice president got laughs when he told Sen. Charles Schumer that he was being toasted.

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quicklist: 17category: title: Obama's Luncheon Toasturl: text: 2:41 p.m. The president raised a glass to his political allies and adversaries in Washington.

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quicklist: 18category: title: First Couple Walks Parade Routeurl: text: 3:46 p.m. The president and first lady left the presidential limousine to applause from crowds who were lining the streets in Washington.

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quicklist: 19category: title: Biden Hugs Inaugural Crowdurl: text: 4:22 p.m. Vice President Biden occasionally jogged along the parade route. The enthusiastic 70-year-old also waved to the crowd and delivered hugs.

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