Indiana Governor 'Pleased to Support' Ted Cruz

The state's primary will be held on Tuesday.

"I'm not against anybody but I will be voting for Ted Cruz," Pence said on Greg Garrison's radio show today.

"I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative.... I'm pleased to support him."

Before making his declaration, Pence noted that he had met with all three of the Republican presidential candidates, with Pence saying "I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field."

"I particularly want to commend Donald Trump.... I'm grateful for his voice in the national debate."

The endorsement comes just four days before the state holds its primary.

During a campaign stop in Indiana this morning before Pence's announcement, Cruz praised Pence calling him "an optimistic, positive, unifying force" as well as "a strong leader" and "an extraordinary governor."

"I have tremendous respect for Gov. Mike Pence. He has been an incredible leader for the state of Indiana. He has really demonstrated that when you cut taxes when you reduce regulations, that jobs follow." Cruz said.

Pence also met with Gov. John Kasich this Tuesday when the Ohio Governor was in the state, Kasich spokeswoman Emmalee Kalmbach told ABC News.

ABC News’ Ben Gittleson contributed to this report.